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Mythic Stormwall
« on: February 18, 2019, 08:29:54 AM »
Video start lightning side (Sister)

Start Siren side (Brother)


You will now have sea swell on the Boats.

Sister Katherine
Will use Voltaic Flash lightning orbs and jolting volley aoe damage during phase 2.

Brother Joe
Will call tempting siren’s and use tidal volley during phase 2.

During phase 1 we will double and triple stack sea swells to save space.  Phase 1 is a dps check.  You will kick the first set of tidal Empowerments the second set you will let stack and kick when Laminaria reaches 90 energy.  We will do this to stop other mechanics from happening.  While the two bosses channel the only mechanic that will go out is Sea Swell.

Phase 2
Orb runners edkin-DH
Storms Wail holding the orb is extremely high damage on mythic healers 24k persecond.

Tanks will soak all debuffs

Dps Prio
Melee Boss> close adds
Ranged Close Siren> Far Siren> Energized Storm Close>
Ranged we want to put as little dps on the Energized storms while not letting them chanel on the boss.  This will me warlocks and dots we still want a large amount of damage going into the boss.

Voltaic flash will be cast about 6 times in the last phase we need to cover them with cd’s and Dr some we can dodge some we can not.

Boomkin Mages watch the video it's important to understand what you doing and where you need to be during phase 2