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Mythic Mecka
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Log from video


Gigavolt Charge
The dot now deals a lot higher damage 12k nature per second keeping players with Gigavolt alive is very important.

When Gigavolt Detonates it will now leave a aoe patch (Radiation zone) this deals 80k nature every 2 seconds for 30 seconds if you enter it.  This is pretty much a death to any none tank.

Wormhole Generator
There are now 2 different effects during the pull in mechanic. 

Miscalculated Teleport
This causes 3 players to be shot high up into the air.
We need to use all the tools we have to make sure players don't fall to their death.
Transcendence warlock return gateways.
Hunters druids other toons with abilities that stop fall damage.
If a player can not stop fall damage He needs to call for help.  We will use lifegrips slowfall bops any tools at our disposal to save them.

Also during wormhole 3 players will be polymorphed the best way to deal with this is a mass dispel.  We can run into the rng of our priests being Discombobulated so we man have to dispel manually.

Spark bots have a reflective shield dealing damage to them will cause you to take 48k nature.

In mythic the time to break out of sparkbot is 25s this means you must all enter at around the same time and leave sooner.

World Enlarger
During the fight one player will become Enlarged players should move around him and he leave the group and stand still.

Dealing with the new Wormhole mechanics will really fall to priest and mages grips mass dispel and slowfalls.

This is last phase over laps it is important to understand that all these overlaps can change based on our phase 1 push timing.

A huge part of this fight is keeping Gigavolt targets alive during Crash down with the aoe in the last phase. Players need to plan there personal pots and healthstones.