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Things You Should Know

You MUST be Level 120 to apply with a minimum 350 ilevel. There are no exceptions. If you recently started out on the server to be with us, tell us.
You MUST possess some discernible personality. 
You MUST be extremely proficient at your class.   
You MUST enjoy both PvE and be willing to adapt yourself to the guild's needs. 

You will only be contacted by us IF your application is being considered for trial. Due to the high amount of applicants we get per week it is unrealistic for us to contact you unless you are being seriously considered for trial.  Never contact an officer in-game regarding your application status during raid times. If you have a question, you can direct it to an officer through the PM system on our message boards.

General Guild Information 
Who are we?

Raiding Rainbows: Past, Present, and Future

In the beginning…

Raiding Rainbows was formed by a group of hardcore gamers and officer from an assortment of guilds on Illidan. Despite our fond memories of the past, our drive to better ourselves fueled our desire to create a new guild whose relentless pursuit of achievement would elevate it. It was at this time that we decided, with much angst, to start anew and pursue a new legacy in the realm of endgame raiding.

We sought to create a guild that’s culture reflected our laid back attitudes and sense of humor. Keeping true to our values, we looked towards our deity, LeVar “Reading Rainbow” Burton for guidance. Inspired by his message, the name “Raiding Rainbows” emerged from our collective psyches and our guild was born.

It was at this moment that Aelor, Lilsera, Uro, and Qxn gave themselves completely to the pursuit of perfection.

The Journey…

As a new guild, we accomplished much. Starting out as an unranked and unknown guild we achieved success through hard work and dedication.

Along the way we encountered many difficulties.  The one spark that kept us going however was our commitment to building something great. Through all of the good times and the bad, we never lost sight of this goal, nor will we.

The Destination…

Raiding Rainbows is committed to continuing our growth and development. We are determined to make Warlords of Draenor our best expansion yet. See you on Draenor!

What are our plans for World of Warcraft?

It is our goal and singular focus to complete all endgame content in a relevant time frame.  We are committed to being on the cutting edge of progression while still maintaining a healthy balance in life.  We will be actively pursuing and working to further build upon our credible and respected name in the raiding community.  It is our desire to leave this game with a lasting legacy of excellence that can serve as the model for future guilds to come.  Additionally, it is our goal to build a   culture which reflects our personalities and provides an enjoyable and humorous atmosphere for our membership. 

The Application and Subsequent Trial Process:   

All potential members will be subjected to an intensive four week trial period upon acceptance of their application for trial.  During this period you will be evaluated on your personal merits, class competency, guild dedication, and ability to integrate into the guilds membership.  We expect our trials to maintain 100% attendance during their trial period as well as to be prepared with all relevant consumables, gear, and items for the evenings raid of choice.  Failure to uphold any of these expectations will result in expulsion from the guild.  As a trial, it is your job to show us that you belong in Raiding   Rainbows and can add value to our organization.  Our membership enjoys many perks and as such to attain these rights you must prove yourself.

As a final word of advice, if you believe you are beyond these requirements, save us the trouble and do not bother applying. No matter who you are, you will be expected to complete the trial process.

Loot Distribution

Raiding Rainbows currently uses a loot council. All trials and members will be excepted to download and run EPGP Lootmaster.
If you need to know more about how we distribute loot please contact an officer via PMs. 

Guild Leadership

Our goal is to have a very strong leadership presence that interacts with the guild as a whole while - most importantly - leading as equals and not superiors. Without you there is no guild, you are just as important as we are. Our only purpose is to provide direction and handle any issues that may arise to ensure that the guild is run in the most efficient and beneficial manner. Good communication keeps a guild strong. Right now our leaders are as follows:
Guild Master: Uro
Guild Officers: Nalkin, Memnark

Standards of Excellence

As a potential member of Raiding Rainbows we expect you to carry yourself to the same standards as the members of the guild.  All applicants and members will be expected to show up to every raid and individual boss encounter properly prepared with all consumables, gear, and a full and working knowledge of the encounters.  Failure to do so will result in   point penalties and possible expulsion from the raid/guild.  We expect to keep raids running smoothly and efficiently so a lack of preparation will not be tolerated.  None the less, raiding is still meant to be fun and we encourage humorous dialog on Mumble / Discord. All we ask, is that you remain quiet during boss encounters so officers can easily relay information to the raid without interruption.


As mentioned earlier, applicants are expected to maintain 100% attendance and members 90%. Failure to maintain these levels of attendance will result in expulsion, or in the case of a member, casual status until the   members schedule is able to meet our expected time commitment.  In the case of absences, we expect all members and trials to post well in advance if possible.  In the advent of an emergency, trials and members can contact an officer or post up until raid time.  If absolutely unable to notify an officer, you may approach officer's after the fact in a private setting. Unexcused absences will be addressed on a case by case basis and may result in point penalties and or guild expulsion if it   becomes a persistent occurrence.  In the event of birthdays, weddings, vacations, and other planned absences we expect you to post well in advance.  Failure to do so will result in point penalties.  We would rather have you post your going to be absent and show up, then leave us hanging.  Attendance consequences will be strictly and actively enforced, consistent abuses of the guild's time will result in serious setbacks of your character's perks in the guild, including but not limited to   point penalties and a loss of looting rights.

Raid Schedule

Sunday     Free Night
Monday     7:30pm CST - 11:00pm CST +/- 
Tuesday    7:30pm CST - 11:00pm CST +/-
Wednesday  7:30pm CST - 11:00pm CST +/- 
Thursday   7:30pm CST - 11:00pm CST +/-
Friday      Free Night 
Saturday   Free Night
The raid schedule varies based on progression goals, as such raid times will change when new progression content is available. 

Basic Trial Period Information 

Trials are required to maintain 100% activity, exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis. 
Trials are NOT entitled to loot. 
Trial is a four week period determined by the officers. If needed, trial will be extended. If the player is exceptional, trial period may be shortened.
Trial members are rated on personal attendance, performance, and feedback.
Personal performance is evaluated by members based on raid and off-raid performance. 
Feedback is gathered from comments made in the trial thread.  Voting is then held to determine whether or not an applicant advances from a trial rank to full membership.
All trials will be assigned a Role Lead.   Role Leads assist a trial while raiding giving them pointers and informing them of strategies used for the various fights they are partaking in.  Role Leads will also discuss concerns brought up by members with the trial. 

If you have read all of the above content and wish to apply you may do so here: APPLY