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Grats Raiding Rainbow!

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Congratulations on recruiting two of the best players and people I know, Asashin and Ashendol from feathermoon.

They're both great guys and won't let you down.


Thanks. I'm sure they'll both make a fine addition to the guild. And thanks for the outside support!

I think you have it backwards, bud.

Just dismount, i mean take off the chopper

Thanks for the compliment Zin, as you know it was just Ash's and my time to go.  Also, RR didn't recruit us, we apped the guild after some research on guild/server we fealt RR would make a good home.  It is refreshing for me to be with players who not only have amazing skill but raid with a purpose far outside of getting gear.  I am very excited to work with Blizisyimhot, after a few short converstaions, I can tell I am dealing with another rogue who knows his class very well.  Once I get my feet under me with new players/raid style I am looking forward to the possibility of learning something from another rogue (so sick of every scrub rogue on my old server asking me how to play).

Thanks again for the oppertunity RR, we are happy to be here and know our old guild/raid will keep on keeping on without us.


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