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Welcome to Grandpa's Corner!!

Before we get started, I'm gonna need to lay out some basic rules and regulations.

Rule #1
This forum thread is dedicated to grandpa shit ONLY!!! If you post non-grandpa shit here, I'm gonna have to ask you to fuck off. If you have a post with content that is not obviously linked to grandpas, provide a short explanation for why it belongs here.

Rule #2
If anyone here posts bad/disrespectful shit about grandpas, then I'm gonna have to ask you to fuck off. Respect your fucking elders.

Rule #3
This forum is meant to promote grandpa awareness while also having a great fucking time. So please enjoy yourself, and respect others, including grandpas. If you can't do that then I'm gonna have to ask you to fuck off.

To start off, here is a bit about myself to let you guys get to know me.

My name is Oldgrandpa, I'm 84 years young. I was born right at the turn of the century in 1869 on September 11 in Cabo, Mexico. I was born into a large family (pictured below) and my father was in the military. He fought in the Spanish-American War alongside legendary Mexican war hero, Antonio Banderas in the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Here is a family photo taken days before my first birthday.

I got into PC gaming in 2006 on my 60th birthday when my mom got me a playstation 3. First game I really got into was halo 3. Hands down easily one of my favorite third-person shooters. I picked up playing WoW in Cataclysm. I started off healing for Midwinter and solo healed progression spine on 25 man heroic as a Mistweaver Monk. I've been using the same setup ever since I started and it was a little bit laggy at first but I recently upgraded the RAM and that's why I don't lag as much anymore. Here is a pic.

Feel free to share more about your guys's grandpa experiences below. I'll be sure to update mine soon.
Your friendly guild grandpa, Oldgrandpa.



Zulfira, as the rules clearly state, I'm gonna have to ask you to fuck off.


That's the spirit Uro! Is there any way we could get some golden oldies to play when people open up this forum? kinda like the home page.


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