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Things You Should Know

You MUST be Level 120 to apply with a minimum 430 ilevel. There are no exceptions. If you recently started out on the server to be with us, tell us.
You MUST be willing and able to take constructive criticism, enjoy the game, and be looking to be part of a community that rewards hard work and dedication. 
You MUST be extremely proficient at your class.   
You MUST enjoy both PvE and be willing to adapt yourself to the guild's needs. 

You will only be contacted by us IF your application is being considered for trial. Due to the high amount of applicants we get per week it is unrealistic for us to contact you unless you are being seriously considered for trial.  Feel free to contact an officer in-game regarding your application status during raid times. If you have a question, you can direct it to an officer through the PM system on our message boards.

What are our plans for World of Warcraft?

It is our goal and singular focus to complete all endgame content in a relevant time frame.  We are committed to being on the cutting edge of progression while still maintaining a healthy balance in life.  We will be actively pursuing and working to further build upon our credible and respected name in the raiding community.  It is our desire to leave this game with a lasting legacy of excellence that can serve as the model for future guilds to come.  Additionally, it is our goal to build a culture which reflects our personalities and provides an enjoyable and humorous atmosphere for our membership. 

Guild Leadership

Our goal is to have a very strong leadership presence that interacts with the guild as a whole while - most importantly - leading as equals and not superiors. Without you there is no guild, you are just as important as we are. Our only purpose is to provide direction and handle any issues that may arise to ensure that the guild is run in the most efficient and beneficial manner. Good communication keeps a guild strong. Right now our leaders are as follows:
Guild Master: Uro
Guild Officers: Memnark

Raid Schedule

Sunday     Free Night
Monday     Free Night
Tuesday    7:30pm CST - 11:00pm CST +/-
Wednesday  7:30pm CST - 11:00pm CST +/- 
Thursday   7:30pm CST - 11:00pm CST +/-
Friday      Free Night 
Saturday   Free Night
The raid schedule varies based on progression goals, as such raid times will change when new progression content is available. 

Basic Trial Period Information 

Trials are required to maintain 100% activity, exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis. 
Trial is a four week period determined by the officers. If needed, trial will be extended. If the player is exceptional, trial period may be shortened.
Trial members are rated on personal attendance, performance, and feedback.
Personal performance is evaluated by members based on raid and off-raid performance. 
Feedback is gathered from comments made in the trial thread.  Voting is then held to determine whether or not an applicant advances from a trial rank to full membership.

If you have read all of the above content and wish to apply you may do so here: APPLY