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For our most up-to-date recruiting needs please visit our WoWProgress page:

These positions are for main raiding slots on our roster so you must maintain 100% attendance. Please don't waste our time.

Additionally, it will be assumed and expected that you are not only competent at your class, but exceptional. We do not wish to teach you how to play your class, rather we wish to mold you into a valued member of guild. If you are confused about the workings of your class, its interaction with others in a raid, or its general purpose this is not the guild for you.

About Our Guild

Raiding Rainbows started out as a group of hardcore gamers and officers from Gurbrage, an endgame progression guild on Illidan. Though we have very fond memories of our time spent in Gurbrage during Burning Crusade, our goals ultimately diverted from those of the guild. It was at this time that we decided, with much angst, that we would start anew and pursue our own legacy in the realm of endgame raiding. Keeping in line with our extremely laid back attitudes and appreciation for humor we looked towards our deity, LeVar " Reading Rainbow" Burton for inspiration. It was from his guidance that the name "Raiding Rainbows" emerged.

Since Wrath's inception, we have progressed at an extremely fast pace. We have established ourselves as a competitive raiding force on Illidan, the top progression server in the game. It is our aim to continue to improve our organization and further establish ourselves as the top guild both on our server and throughout the raiding world. We are currently ranked 25th in the U.S. for 25man Hardmode progression.

About You

All potential members will be subjected to an intensive trial period upon acceptance of their application. During this period you will be evaluated on your personal merits, class competency, guild dedication, and ability to integrate into the guilds membership. We expect our trials to maintain 100% attendance during their trial period as well as to be prepared with all relevant consumables, gear, enchants and items for the evening's raid of choice. Failure to uphold any of these expectations will result in expulsion from the guild. As a trial, it is your job to show us that you belong in Raiding Rainbows and can add value to our organization. Our membership enjoys many perks and as such to attain these rights you must prove yourself.

As stated previously, we expect you to know your class inside and out. To not only look good on paper, but to also possess the ability adapt on the fly and act preemptively. If this doesn't sound like you, we are not the guild for you. That said, your personality is incredibly important to us. We greatly value humor and the enjoyment found in our raids can attest to this. We are looking for the total package, an exceptional player with an exceptional personality. We will not settle for less.

Our Schedule
Monday 7:30-11:00pm CST
Tuesday 7:30-11:00pm CST
Wednesday 7:30-11:00pm CST
Thursday 7:30-11:00pm CST


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